President FuBo Attended the “Changzhou-Shenzhen Exchange Meeting on Innovative Cooperation”

2018.11.22 Source:SELEN

In the afternoon of November 22, FuBo, the president of Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology Co., Ltd. attended the “Changzhou-Shenzhen Exchange Meeting on Innovative Cooperation” and made a statement on the behalf of Shenzhen’s investors in Changzhou.



The meeting was held by Changzhou Municipal Government in Shenzhen, in an attempt to launch further cooperation and development of the two cities in industry, innovation, capital, etc. The participants approximated 250, including the senior executives of renowned enterprises such as Selen, Hymson, AAC Technologies, Tecent Holdings, HAN'S LASER, and Huaqiang Group as well as the heads of relevant institutions like Shenzhen Nanshan Association of Industry and Commerce. They gathered together to seek common development.

During the meeting, the president introduced the group’s development and Changzhou Industrial Park’s construction process to the governmental leaders of Changzhou and the guests. He also extended gratitude to the government for the great support for the park’s construction and operation. In addition, he encouraged more Shenzhen enterprises to make investment in Changzhou for common growth.

 The mayor, Dongchun, affirmed Selen’s efforts in promoting the cooperation between the two cities and its excellent performance in Changzhou. Meanwhile, he declared more support for the company’s development in the city with more precise, sophisticated and elaborate services. In this way, the two parties will share desirable results.