Changzhou Leaders Including the Mayor Visited Selen

2018.11.22 Source:SELEN

In the afternoon of November 21, Changzhou leaders including the mayor, standing member of the municipal party committee and secretary of Xinbei District (Zhou Bin), and head of Wujin District (Dai Shifu) visited the Shenzhen Headquarters of Selen. Chairman Hou Yi highly valued the visit, and the senior executives including the president rolled out the welcome mat.




The leaders visited the exhibition hall with the company of the president and vice-president (Wu Zhihua). After gaining the knowledge of our main businesses, product structure, market conditions, they highly appraised the Company. In addition, they indicated that the Changzhou municipal party committee and government would further deliver support and assistance to the company, to enable the Company to realize more growth.






The president appreciated the support and affirmation by the Changzhou municipal party committee and government and expressed the hope for another success under the guidance of the city’s government departments.